Monday, June 8, 2009

48 hour challenge - finish

This was my first year participating in the 48 hour challenge and I'm pleased with what I did. If you read my first post you may want to know I chose the professional book I was already reading, which I will post about as soon as I finish. I did read 4 chapters which equated to 72 pages.

This year wasn't about how many books I read, there were other things going on and bigger connections. I spent 3 hours meeting and visiting with the Central Ohio Kidlitosphere Bloggers over breakfast and shopping. What a wonderful group of professionals to meet and talk about education and life with. I feel blessed to call them my friends. I began thinking about my book collection for kdg. while we shopped at Cover to Cover and I also shopped at Selections with a school purchase order. More on those trips later. I had pledge one dollar for book to help Mary Lee Hahn's work with the Fish-A-Thon. I'm donating thirty dollars to help this great cause.

Other connections I had this weekend involved seven hours working on connecting with my new kdg. classroom; cleaning, organizing, and moving. As I mentioned in my first post, my oldest officially turned 13 on Sunday and it was great day! Truly, I have survived my first day of parenting a teenager. I took her and a girlfriend to the mall for lunch and shopping, it was a lot of fun. I love it when she has gift cards to use! If you had seen me at one point I was catching a few reading moments waiting outside the fitting room. I chose to end the evening just sitting with her watching a movie I bought. I can't remember when was the last time I just sat and didn't try to do something else while watching a movie. It was a great weekend and I did manage to read a bit and connect.

Next year, I plan to participate again in the 48 hour challenge. I think I will chose children's books to read over professional.


  1. So glad you were there on Saturday! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Parenting a teenager!? A new stage.

  2. Wow, at least you got to meet up with the other bloggers. That's great.

  3. Spending time with teenagers is very important. Those are times you can never get back. I too am a teacher. I teach middle school ESOL and Intensive Reading. I did get some signed contracts from students to read over the summer and communicate with me on my blog or by email. We will see. Look forward to reading with you next year.