Sunday, June 28, 2009


I was so excited to pick up BOO HOO BIRD by Jeremy Tankard! I love the warm monochromatic colors he chooses to use in his illustrations and the use of black pen to outline a little for details and contrast. Jeremy Tankard writes about friendship and in this adventure Bird has an injury and needs help from his friends. What a natural response Rabbit offers, a hug. What a great response because we all know that sometimes children just need a hug to move on. Not bird though, Beaver has another fantastic option, a cookie! Well, Bird didn't like this option and I'm not sure why. Sheep isn't helpful but finds Fox's band-aide is a solution. Then his friends are sad for him and Bird has to show them he's OK. Jeremy Tankard understands children and the experiences they have.

I was surprised when B saw the front cover and her first comment was, "look at his band-aide, it's blue just like his skin. You can see it just a little bit." When I reflected about her comment I realized, that's what we do at home too. We use the skin colored band-aides, which gave her insight and a connection.

This is a sequel to Grumpy Bird written in 2007.

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