Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Organizational Tip

As I read professional books I underline.

I underline things that are new learning.
I underline things I want to remember.
I underline things to help me reflect.
I underline things to help me plan.

This past spring I participated in The Literacy Connections course work for the year with Carl Anderson and his book Assessing Writers. I had things I had underlined but also charts of information I wanted to easily locate. I decided to color code a post it note system to help me locate information. I was hoping to make using the book and returning to my initial thinking much easier. It did and my friends in the class really liked the idea so I thought I would share my latest adventure with organization.

As I've been reading my new professional books about early literacy and blogging about them I began thinking how can I connect these three books together to easily relocate information during the upcoming school year. On our long drive to NH, I decided to color code a post it note system again keeping it consistent between the three books.

Each category has it's own color and I'm finding the things I underline fall into five categories: Getting Started, Quotes, Planning, Conferencing, and Assessment. I think it could be a success.

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