Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kindle 2 Cover

Julie asked me in the comment section if I missed holding a book. The answer is, No! and this decision was key in my cover purchase. I decided as I was reading my first book, I really liked just holding the Kindle2 as it is. It's lightweight, I can hold it in one hand, and I didn't want to add a cover that would make it bulky. However, I needed something to protect it when I wasn't using it and for when I want to carry it around with me. After searching for quite a while I found this great store via, Borsa Bella. I went with the Top Zip Naked Kindle Sleeve Bag, here is the write up from Borsa Bella and I just love it!

"NEW SMALLER SIZE...fits the Kindle 1 and 2 without a cover, and top zips for easy access from your larger bag or purse. Each Bag is handmade one at a time by me! The Naked Kindle Sleeve Bag by BORSA BELLA contains 3 BREATHABLE, mildew resistant padded layers. I use 2 layers of high quality thick fleece and a layer of soft quilted fabric to insure extra protection for your Kindle. Because I use expensive fleece and quilted fabric, you will be able to MACHINE WASH the Kindle Bag. Which is a great, since you will be handling it so much."

If you don't see a bag in the fabric you would like you can contact Borsa Bella and she will make your bag personally with another fabric she has. She did this for me and I still had the bag in 3 days from the day I ordered it. I also felt the price for something made personally for me was very reasonable. There are other bag styles in case you do like your Kindle2 with a cover.

Back to Julie's question, my first Kindle2 read was a fictional adult chapter book. I'm wondering if my answer will change with professional reading and I'm wondering about nonfiction reading I will do. Just today in a gardening book, I appreciated and enjoyed the color photos while I was looking up the care for amaryllis bulbs.


  1. Someone was reading on a Kindle at the pool the other day. I've seen them reading at the airport, but the pool was a new venue for me.
    The cover looks cute.

  2. I bet the woman at the pool was a friend of mine through our soccer club. She loves it and uses it daily while driving and waiting for her 5 children and all the things they do. Much easier than carrying around a stack of books. We go to the same pool, I will have to look for you.