Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kindle 2 - first update

I am really enjoying my Kindle2. I decided to download and read a fun book first, My Sister's Keeper is what I chose. With the movie coming out this summer a few friends said it was a great read and I hadn't read the author Jodi Picoult before. I did this on purpose because I wanted to be able to just start reading and with a professional book I would want to take time to highlight and underline, tools available to use while you are reading.

As I am reading, I am equally engaged with the story, surprised at different points, connecting with the characters and questioning. I really like the design and format. It's easy to hold. The screen is easy to read off of, you can adjust the print size. The layout and use of buttons is easy to use while maneuvering through a book. I am trying to read the User's Guide a bit every day so I can fully learn to use the Kindle 2 to it's potential. I have found when searching the User Guide my questions are answered fairly quickly.

I found myself wondering how far I had to go in the book and that felt awkward at first. At the bottom of each "page" you are reading there is a bar indicating the percentage of the book read. This is interesting to follow. On your Home page there are a row of dots indicating the length of your book and the part you have read are in bold. I like this feature and feel like I'm learning to sense where I am in my reading.

I'm currently semi-struggling with a cover purchase. I feel one is needed to protect it. I like just holding the Kindle2 to read so I don't know if I need the whole binder cover which seems to be most common. I found some homemade covers through http://www.etsy.com/ adorable and would be more like slipping it into a bag. Here's the shop I found where they make some cover bags, Borsa Bella. Still thinking about this decision and didn't think it would be so involved.

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  1. Hi Mandy!

    I'll be anxious to hear about how well you like the Kindle. Like you, I'm slow to latch on to new technology. Do you miss holding a book in your hands?

    I loved My Sister's Keeper. I'm going to see it next week with my book club. I wonder how close it will be to the book.