Sunday, July 19, 2009

Score! 50 Poems to Motivate and Inspire {Poetry Friday}

by Charles Ghingna stirs my thinking. The messages and metaphors in each poem are great little pieces to stop and reflect about. These would be great for talking about reading as thinking and what that can look like for each individual. The book is visually appealing. The illustrator Julia Gorton did a wonderful job visualizing the message using bright colors for her illustrations. The font is an integral part of each layout. The font is adjusted to help the reader connect and think about the words being used.

I was reorganizing our playroom which includes a small library, more on that later, and was reading some poems from Score! As I was flipping through the pages I stopped on "Goal Tending" and did some reflecting. This page jumped out at me first because the illustration is a big soccer net and a goalie coming out of the box to stop the ball, hence the name of the poem. (Soccer is the most played sport in our house.) However, as I reflected more I realized the poem had a meaning on and off the field. We just hosted N's soccer team party last night to celebrate their growth and love of the game for the past year. I used "Goal Tending" on the awards I made for each player...hoping to inspire the group of thirteen year olds to think about goals related to the game and those outside the world of soccer.

Goal Tending

To reach your greatest dream in life.

First set a worthy goal;

Choose one you can embrace each day

With all your heart and soul.

Embracing a goal each day sounds wonderful...I'm going to ponder that.

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  1. Love the Goal Tending poem and such a worthy mission to achieve. It's message can be shared across grade levels and adults. Shelly