Monday, August 24, 2009

Math Tub Labels

I posted on Twitter yesterday, knee deep in making book and math tub labels. I finished math tub labels last night and thought I would share my thinking with you. When I moved into my current kdg. classroom I grabbed a piece of furniture from the next room that holds twenty small tubs designed to hold math manipulatives and discovered my labels from eight years ago were still there. These were hand drawn and a bit faded. I knew I was going to reorganize our tools in general and quickly took off those labels as I washed each tub and soaked the manipulatives. This room is going to be squeaky clean for opening day!

I thought this time around I would use my digital camera and computer to make my labels. It didn't take much time at all to snap some fifty photos, my label craze had to carry over to our building and science tubs too. I resized my photos to ten percent, inserted them into a table, typed the label underneath using Century Gothic, and played around with white space. Right now Century Gothic is my favorite font for labeling. It's clear with a print lower case a and something I think the kids will easily pick up reading the labels.

I'm considering not only labels on the tubs but labels on the shelves so the tubs go back in the order they currently are. I've organized "like" items together. You'll see a photo soon of the labels in the room. I've been busy in the last week with our Kindergarten Welcome and I'm still putting finishing touches on the of my space soon, I promise KatieD.

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