Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Song - So Glad I'm Here

So Glad I'm Here is my new favorite song and the song I now play to transition from our book look time to our morning meetings. Elizabeth Mitchell is an artist I didn't know but just discovered and love her voice and beat to be used in the classroom. She is a bit of rock, a bit of folk, and a bit pop all rolled into one. This track is found on her album, You Are My Sunshine.

So Glad I'm Here has a fun beat and a tamborine which the kids like to clap along with. The refrains are repetitive and have three simple messages.

-I'll sing while I'm here.

-Love brought me here.

-Joy brought me here.

and who could resist starting their day thinking, So Glad I'm Here. I could easily seeing all grades enjoying this song at some point within their day. It's even good for adults to hear in our busy days.

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