Friday, January 8, 2010

When Lucy Goes Out Walking {Poetry Friday}

is a book of poetry and so much more! When Lucy Goes Out Walking, A Puppy's First Year by Ashleigh Wolff is book showing the reader how a puppy grows during a year. Each month is represented in a poetry format beginning with January.


When Lucy goes our walking

In January snows,

she leaves a trail of puppy prints

Everywhere she goes.

"Frosty fur!

Brrr, Brrr, Brrr!"

In January snows.

As you read this book and travel through Lucy's first year, the reader is taken on a journey through weather and seasonal changes. Both of these science concepts are shown through text and illustrations. Each poem is on the left side of a two page illustrated spread. The top left corner and bottom right corner of the two page spread appear to have their corners folded up display the previous and next month. As the children and I were reading the book and they noticed this feature we were able to discuss the sequence of months in a year, mathematical concepts. Each poem begins with the same line, offering an easy entry point for our emergent readers to join in. The italized print could provide the opportunity for the poems to be read in two voices. As I continued to reread this book, I discovered how carefully the words were chosen using description and rhyme. This book is a gem for any classroom.

Here's a warmer month to enjoy, especially if you are buried in cold and snow.


When Lucy goes out walking

One afternoon in June,

A storm is coming form the west -

She hears the thunder BOOM!

"Time to hide!

Safe inside!"

One afternoon in June.

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