Thursday, March 11, 2010

Billy & Milly Short & Silly

We know about short stories. We know about collections of short stories. Billy & Milly Short & Silly by Eve B. Feldman is unlike any other short story collection I have ever seen. It's a collection of 13 short stories, very short stories. Stories written with just three or four words. What makes the choice of words used even more interesting and intriguing for readers young and old? Each story is written with rhyming words. Here are two examples -
Stoops Hoops Scoops Oops

Ape Cape Escape

Some of the stories are on a two page spread. However, a few of them carry over to a third page which I think will lead to more anticipation for the readers. I'm not familiar with Tuesday Morning as an illustrator but found these pages of mixed art media just delightful. They are monochromatic and the characters are drawn to match the words showing expression and humor. Kindergarteners love to identify rhyming words, we will have a lot of fun with this book!

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  1. I love the ideas behind this book: Words are powerful and quantity doesn't make quality.