Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Let's pretend we physically bump into each other today and we celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day. You'd pull out your poem and share with me, we would chit chat a bit and then I would share mine with you.

Confessions of a Reader

Almost spring
A spider
Stakes a claim
On a corner
Of the eight-foot window
In our living room.

Each morning
I admire
Taut guidelines
Carefully placed spokes.
Dancing gown threads,
Architecture unrivalled.

My mother
Would not tolerate
Such slovenly housekeeping.
She would get a broom
And knock down
This errant squatter's palace.

I do not.

I am waiting for Charlotte
To leave a message.
Carol Wilcox

My first instinct would probably be like the mother's to knock down the spider web, it's in the house. However, I do enjoy watching and observing a web outside. I just find it a lovely thought as a reader to wait for Charlotte to leave a message, what would Charlotte say to you or I friend?

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