Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin has been talked a lot on the blogging circuit. I first learned about this book from Katie at Creative Literacy. Then Franki at A Year Of Reading shared her thinking and love for the book with the importance of song and literacy. Also doing some thinking about using Garage Band to enhance literacy with this book. Then Bill at Literate Lives shares puts this book on his next shopping list for the summer. I've been holding on writing about this book because I wasn't sure if I had anything different to share but I do.

If you take my Pete the Cat blog tour from above you will find the song and then be able to watch the video. The tune is addicting. B, my second grader just loves watching, listening and reading this book. The illustrations are bright and cheerful. I think this book could brighten any dreary gray day in Ohio. The book is about colors, it's perfect for a shared reading, and it's perfect for prediction with young readers. There's a big life lesson, when something goes wrong, for example your white shoes turn blue don't cry. Pete the Cat uses speech bubbles in response to changing his shoe color and is always positive. Little one and big ones need to learn when things go wrong it's okay. I am excited to use this book and collaborate with our music teacher and art teacher together creating work to share with our families. I think kindergarteners will love to create and share using this book as a foundation.

If you are a Pete the Cat fan, you can own a Pete the Cat t-shirt. I'm going to have to get one.

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  1. I can get a Pete the Cat shirt???? I am soooooo excited about that!!! I love this book, and enjoyed reading your post about it. Like you, I am so excited to share it with my students. Thank you for reminding me about the song. We will have to wear our Pete the Cat shirts to the next bloggers' breakfast!