Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A simple act of kindness

I just completed thirty seven parent teacher conferences, each twenty minutes, with two going to forty minutes.  If I wasn't so tired this would make a really great math problem.  Instead I want to share a story with you that brought tears to my eyes, in front of parents I barely know.

About midway through my conference schedule, G's parents came in holding a dowel rod.  They wondered if I really wanted this.  They shared with me G found a dowel rod in their garage.  They didn't even know it was out there.  He then got a permanent sharpie, which I could tell wasn't a normal writing tool at home, and colored four inches of the tip all the way around.  He told his parents my pointer had broken and I needed a new one.  He was RIGHT!  When I sit in my rocking chair and I read our alphabet linking chart I need a full length dowel.  My own daughters were playing school after school and my original one broke.  I hadn't gotten around to replacing it for about two weeks, I just had to get the black paint out.  I am still so touched that a student, a child of 5 or 6 saw a need I had and found a solution all on his own.  Our students can fix problems and be resourceful.  A simple gift that makes my life easier and warms my heart.  In the hustle and bustle of teaching, conferences, and maintaining life I hope you find a little surprise to make you stop, reflect and enjoy.

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