Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Squiggles! A Drawing Book by La Zoo is more than a drawing book.  I was drawn to it as a mentor text for writing.  I was drawn to it as a how to for drawing.  The book is set up with an example on the right for using scribble lines in an illustration and then the basis of the example page is on the right without the squiggles.  There is text to encourage the owner to do the same with squiggle lines as the author.  Here's a few examples;

Right page
"Round and round...This fish has a squiggly circle pattern." 
Left page
"Draw squiggles on this fish too!"

Squiggles are used to show lots of things;  a lion's mane, spaghetti on a plate, big dark clouds, giant waves, small waves, nest in a tree, burnt food and more.  I'm thinking that squiggles can show movement.  Squiggles can define environment.  Squiggles can provide detail.  Squiggles can enhance our illustrations and thoughts.  I can't wait to work with squiggles.  I think if you want to make the book more accessible in a classroom that the pages on the left could be reproduced (with source noted) for mini lesson work or choice time.  Now, I just have to fit in choice time!

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