Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dublin Literature Conference 2011

Monday was our first day back after break.  A day with mixed emotions.  It's very nice to see the students again but a little sad to leave my vacation schedule behind.  I was looking at our building email and saw this from our school librarian to the staff. 

"I put the flyer for the Dublin Lit Confernce in the staff lounge if you'd like to make a copy of it - feel free. Looks like there are a lot of great presentations this year! Wendy Mass, Loren Long, Amy Krouse Roesnthal, Brian Pinkney and our very own Mandy Robek are some of the presenters!!!!"

What a nice way to start a new year with a little shout out from a colleague.  I was honored and thrilled to see my name with the others.  I've attended the Dublin Lit Conference for several years.  It's always worth spending a Saturday on professional development.  My mind grows each year.  This year I received an email, looking for presenters.  I'll be sharing during session A, Something Old, Something New - come have a look I've got a book for you.  I'll be sharing picture books found during the last year to help teach mathematics.  I hope if you live close you will consider joining this wonderfully planned event for teachers. 

Right now I'm struggling to pick my other sessions.  So many great offerings from talented people I know and have yet to meet.  It's funny I  posted this the night before Franki's post.  Her post has more details about the entire program.  Make sure you check it out.

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  1. Great topic! Pictures books for math are always such a challenge. I plan to check this one out!