Friday, January 28, 2011


Treasure by Suzanne Bloom is another book with the characters Polar Bear and Duck. This book really has the reader thinking about the word treasure as the story unfolds. Once again, Duck is quite interested in what Polar Bear is doing. It appears Polar Bear is reading a treasure map and Duck becomes quite eager to look for a treasure. He even knows a treasure hunting phrase, "Yo ho ho!" Duck even has treasure hunting gear to help them. Have you ever seen a Polar Bear ride a scooter? I can hear my classroom break out in laughter with this illustration. After diving in water and Duck quite disappointed with not finding a treasure, Polar Bear changes his mood. "We had a splendid day...and you are a treasure." I think discussing the word treasure could be an interesting conversation with students of all ages. I hope you yourself find think about the words splendid and treasure this weekend. Enjoy.

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