Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue Sky Bluebird

Blue Sky Bluebird by Rick Chrustowski is a great narrative nonfiction text to introduce and launch our bluebird monitoring.  My student's interest was peaked today when we read it to end our day.  The book tells the lifecycle of bluebirds, beginning with bluebirds finding their summer home.  While reading this text students are introduced to important bluebird monitoring vocabulary;  nesting box, clutch, egg tooth, nestlings, thrum, and fledging.  Blue Sky Bluebird does a great job showing readers how mother bluebirds and father bluebirds help their eggs hatch and care for them afterwards.  I can't wait to show them our nesting boxes, how to monitor the boxes for bluebird nests and chasing house sparrows away!

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  1. Mandy
    This sounds like a great way to welcome spring with your friends!