Friday, April 15, 2011

Debbie Miller, in person!

What a great way to spend Friday!, renewing, thinking and observing a master teacher! Her visit is the culuminating study for our local group, The Literacy Connection.  Debbie said so many smart things today as we watched her work with children and took time to debrief her work with us.  I find myself reflecting about the number of times Debbie refers to the act of thinking and phrases she uses to encourage students to think.

-My thinking now...
-Now when we think about that...
-Oh, think out loud.
-Who has something different with their thinking?
-Does someone have something to add to what we are thinking about?
-That was thinking.
-What were you thinking?
-Thinking about what we already know?

Here's a perfect example of being intentional.  "I want you to talk like this, I use to think and now I'm thinking..."  I can't wait to think more with Debbie Miller tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thinking. I followed all of you on twitter.