Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflecting on Discovery

Today, what I like most about teaching is my own learning.  Things I learn in pursuit of teaching my students can be quite stimulating and rewarding.  Something I've been missing in my own teaching life is the pure enjoyment of discovery and watching my students' pure enjoyment of discovery.  I can't wait for Monday and again on Tuesday as 19 times 2 sets of friends see our learning in action.  We now have 4 baby chicks.  I"ve learned white light can make it hard for them to sleep and see.  My husband bought a red heat lightbulb today and lamp for us.  I had to dip their beak in the water and food to show them where it was and they are now eating and drinking on their own.  Baby chicks can drown, it's not uncommon.  They are active but need sleep and can quickly find it.  They make an adorable chirping noise.  Their feet are huge with toenails!  I think I better go to sleep so I'm a little prepared for a day of discovery with my young friends.  This is going to be great!

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  1. Mandy~
    Your excitment is obivious in your words! Your little ones will remember this experience for a long time, enjoy!