Monday, May 9, 2011

The Red Hen

I was thrilled to recently discover another father/daughter collaboration for Ed and Rebecca Emberley.  They have created a bright and bold retelling of The Red Hen.  I find I can't resist their collage, big eyed characters.  The story starts with Red Hen wanting to make a cake and the recipe's name is quite humorous, Simply Splendid Cake.  If you are familiar with The Red Hen stories then you know nothing is done simply for the Red Hen or done with cooperation from friends.  The familiar, repetitive pattern encourages readers to join in making this a great shared reading.  I love to bake at home with my girls and bake/cook in the classroom.  This book has a recipe for Simply Splendid Cake at the end of it.  I better shop for the ingredients, I know B will want to make it at home. 

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