Monday, August 1, 2011


RRRALPH by Lois Ehlert was a great book I picked up the weekend before school got out and one I found kindergartners really enjoy.  It was a great book for me, since we had just rescued our second dog, C.  Lois Ehlert is an author I'm always drawn to with her collage illustrations.  She is a mentor for children with her written work and illustrations.  She uses paper but also other objects often thrown away for details.  Have you ever thought about crumpling paper and then flattening it out for texture?  Have you ever thought about tearing paper for a torn edge look?  Have you ever thought about getting a tool that corrugates your paper, there is one at your local craft store.  Have you ever thought about using a pop can tab as the nose of a dog?  RRALPH will give you these ideas and more.

RRRALPH is the story of a talking dog.  The narrator shares different things they do for Ralph or Ralph does.  Each time a question is asked and Ralph answers in typical dog sounds.  My students LOVED figuring out how the question matched each typical dog voice, making this a great book for readers to play with words and language.  Here's a one example -

I think Ralph needs a long walk in the woods.

How's the path feel on your pays, Ralph?


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  1. Mandy~
    I will need to check this one out! Looks so cute!