Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I was thrilled to find Supersister by Beth Cadena in the super hero collection in our local library as I was thinking about connecting Super Reader Tools to superheros.  Supersister is a great companion text for Super Sam!.   I love this book's main character is a girl.  I also love her superhero tool is a mask, different than Super Sam's blanket.  Supersister begins her day with superhero behaviors;  bounds, dashes, whistling, rescues, and races.  She does all these things while getting ready for school.  She's headed out the door for school and returns for a kiss and to tie her mother's shoes.  Hmm, why would Supersister return to tie mom's shoes?  Supersister continues with various super behaviors while at school that kindergarten students found very funny when read with the just right superhero inflection.  I was really excited when one of my students pointed out this sentence, "Supersister is a super reader."  The ending of the story explains why mom needed her shoes tied and why the main character is called Supersister.

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