Friday, June 29, 2012

100 Things About Me As A Runner

1.  I have been a closet runner.
2.  I have been starting and stopping running for 4 years.
3.  I first started when I turned 40, it's now 4 years later.
4.  I usually restart each summer.
5.  I usually fall off each fall.
6.  This year I've done something different.
7.  I started at Spring Break.
8.  Why?  My mother in-law had stints put in and I started bootcamp at the Y and running.
9.  I love bootcamp! to vary the running.
10.  I see muscles from running and bootcamp.
11.  I feel stronger from running and bootcamp.
12.  I have made changes to make this time for myself.
13.  I've read a couple of books about running.
14.  The first summer I did followed the Couch to 5K plan.
15.  The next two summers, I just dabbled around without a big plan.
16.  I like plans!
17.  Sarah and Dimity wrote a great new book, Train Like a Mother.
18.  To be honest, all I've read is this summer's plan - 5K Finish It
19.  I started on week 3 - Walk 2 min and then run 6min 4 times.
20.  I liked running the same path in my neighborhood.
21.  I think running in the neighborhood guaranteed I could make it back home somehow.
22.  I found creative ways to run 3.1 miles in a small neighborhood.
23.  Running the same path gave me benchmarks for distance.
24.  I then knew about how far additional minutes might take me.
25.  I appreciated the walking periods between running periods.
26.  I like running at night.
27.  My body moves easier at night.
28.  I was dedicated enough to run in a slight thunderstorm on the horizon one night.
29.  I've gone out as late as 9:30pm, again just staying in the neighborhood.
30.  I've have increased my running wardrobe.
31.  I love the Champion line at Target for my clothes.
32.  I even bought running leggings in full length, capri, and short all in black.
33.  I wear running shorts over anything legging.
34.  I use and LOVE the app Runkeeper.
35.  I like numbers and Runkeeper tells me every 5 min. time, distance, and pace.
36.  My pace has improved, around a 10 min mile give or take.
37.  Runkeeper maps my path with my GPS on my Android phone.
38.  I have my running playlist on my amazon cloud.
39.  I always start with the song, If It's Love by Train.
40.  I have an arm band for my phone.
41.  I had a plan to run a 5K June 2nd.
42.  Things got a bit busy with the end of the school year, I didn't sign up.
43.  I want to make sure I can run 3.1 miles and smile at the finish.
44.  Since school got out I've ran 3.1 miles three times now.
45.  I found with the routine of running I look forward to it on my running days.
46.  Yesterday I had a small mole removed on my left leg, not to worry.
47.  The Dr. said no running for 72 hours and I am bummed.
48.  I can run on Saturday, the stitches come out in 2.5 weeks.
49.  I need to find a 5K, something small.
50.  I have been really inspired by my friend Franki.

Franki started a blog Reading Teachers Running and I have been following her fitness journey all year.  A recent post to start this summer was her list of 100 Things About Me as a Runner, where she also explains her thinking about creating such a list.  I appreciate her open and honest thinking about her journey.  She shares ups and downs.  She shared weekly what she could accomplish.  I found myself thinking, if Franki can do this so can I.  At one point we swapped a couple of running songs and as I shuffle through my mix, her songs come up and remind me, if Franki can do this so can I.  Many times people assume I am a runner based on my body type, whatever that is.  Running is hard.  For me, it's been an issue of thinking I can do it.  Running also requires mental fitness.  I've also had to make time and changes in my schedule to run and do bootcamp.  I've run 3 times a week to get this far.  I would like to have a good week of 3.1 running three times and end the week with my first 5K.  I'm no longer a closet runner, thank you for joining me on this journey.  


  1. I love your list. I have been an on again off again runner for 12 years. I have found that I run better and more consistently when I am training for a race. I need a goal. Right now I am training for the air force half marathon. I wish my knees werent so resentful but my head and my heart are completely committed. Good luck on your running adventure.

    Queen with Class

  2. I'll have to be honest, I thought you were already a runner as well. I love that you took charge this year at spring break, and have stayed dedicated. Good for you. Love the post!

  3. Wow! I can only think of one... "I should!"