Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello, Hello

Hello, Hello by Matthew Cordell was a recent purchase for me at NCTE and is a fairly new book on the market.  Can picture books have a prologue? As I began reading this book, I noticed the story begins before the title page with a little girl trying to use various technology tools only to discover there is no signal, the game is over, loading is taking forever and then the TV has a rerun.  I instantly wondered what is she going to do next?  As a reader, I wanted to know more and find out what her next step would be.  She tries to talk to her family members only to see they are all busy with technology and don't really want to converse with her.  I love the next part.  I love she steps outdoors and discovers nature!  As she walks along she says hello to various things she sees and discovers - a bug, a leaf and more.  Then she discovers a horse and their journey together is one I had to ponder.  Is it real?  Is it her imagination?  Real or imagination gets interrupted by a phone call and she returns home to find her family still connected to technology.  She takes a bold step, turns off their technology tools, shares with them a bit of what she discovered outside and together they go to explore.  I love the message this books sends to readers about spending time together and getting outside to discover what is right in front of us.  I also love the simple text used to convey the story.  My emergent readers can easily pick up on the hello ______ pattern and feel successful.

PS - As I reread and reread this book, I think picture books can have a prologue   Do know of any other picture books that have a prologue?

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