Monday, November 19, 2012

NCTE 2012 - Post, Ignite Style

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Just returned from my second NCTE and looked back at  my post from my first.  I ended that post with this,

10.  At one point, I was overwhelmed.  I can't fib about that!  At this point, I might have a been a smidge homesick for my girls.  I mentioned to Cathy my pb10for10 partner I was going to stop blogging, writing, and take a break from it all.  Sometimes it's best to end on a high note and walk away.  Well Cathy, I'm not going anywhere.  I'm back.  I need this feeling of belonging in my heart. 

This year, I'm not feeling happy I returned from my second NCTE and wish all my friends would splurge a bit to feel the energy and connections you can create within this profession.  After the rush of conferences, progress reports, 43 K students rotating in and out my door this was just what I needed to feel refreshed, revived, and willing to make my work better.  In the spirit of an IGNITE session, I will highlight some of my thinking and feelings.   You have 15 seconds to read each, all 20, and hopefully finish in 5 minutes!

1.  Publishing is a mid-point now, not an endpoint.  Write for collaboration. - Will Richardson

2.  Being a creative teacher means we learn from each other.  Creativity is not the same thing as imagination.        Creativity means doing something, applying your imagination. -Sir Ken Robinson

3.  Conversations are important with like minded people.  I loved my impromptu breakfast duo that already has a date and time for NCTE13.

4.  We can't be teachers we were 10 years ago. - Will Richardson

5.  We are learning for proximity, we need choices to imagine, to create, to learn.  -Bill Bass

6.  Connecting with twitter friends in person and sharing more than 140 characters at a time was delightful.

7.  Twitter is like an ignite session.  - Sandra Hayes

8.  The people who can laugh together, can work together.
     -Carla Beard

9.  Taking time away from my daily home life and catching Love Beatles show was amazing.

10. Triangulation - don't judge a child by one number or data point, look at points over time.  
       -Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan

11.  Most important part of the day is interactive read aloud. - Teachers College Group

12.  Time for dinner and food without prep and cleanup was relaxing.  Including friends at every meal was        nourishment to my soul.  

13.  Go on listening tours. - Georgia Heard

14.  Sprinkle some magic. - Jen McDonough

15.  Making new friends that hug you when you have to stay goodbye, fills up my heart.

16.  Choice provides energy and choice.  -Matt Glover

17.  Illustrations are compositions.  - Katie Wood Ray

18.  Scheduled a Nerdy Book Club post and so loved meeting more of these folks, in person.

19.  Play is the oral language, it's the composing in our minds.  - Katie Keier

20.  When I was leaving NCTE this year, I wasn't done.  I typed my notes into Evernote on the plane.  I read a small professional book on the way home.  I enjoyed traveling with good friends knowing I will be back for more growth, connections, and heart fulfilling learning in Boston.

Enjoy your own journey after NCTE12.

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  1. Fun way to structure your post, Mandy! I kept thinking, "Oh, I want to highlight this one as my favorite!" ... but I can't. Every single point either warmed my heart (the personal ones) or lit a fire under me (the quoted ones). Thanks for the look-back at an amazing trip :)