Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 12 of 31 Love my Honda, not my Gas Guage

My gas gauge surprises me quite often.
My gas gauge plays hide and seek.
My gas gauge is silent.

The gas gauge is located in the bottom, the very bottom right corner of my "gadget" board.  So, when I drive with two hands on the wheel my right hand blocks this corner of the screen.  For months, my light would come on and panic would rise because I had no idea how long the light had been on for.  I don't drive far and usually a tank of gas can last me two weeks.  It's not a weekly or semi-weekly event.  My Honda "gadget" board has a screen with various numbers I can view.  One of those numbers is range.  The range of miles I can go on the amount of gas I have.  Thankfully, I have learned or I trust someone is looking out for me because driving on a range of 0 seems to be habit sometimes for me.  I haven't had this happen for me for quite a while but it did tonight.  My range was at 6 miles and I could easily make it home and within 30 seconds which was not 3 miles of driving it dropped to a range of 3.  I'm pretty sure I drove 4 miles on a range of 0 miles of gas.  I was almost to the point of sweaty palms.  I had a lot of self talk or small selfish prayers going on.  I directly went to my favorite gas station where I could get $1.03 off every gallon.  Then I drove back up to the middle school to get my daughter.  I came home and did some research.  I have a 21 gallon tank and tonight my photo shows I was too close to a phone call for help.  

A prologue to my slice but the slice was far more interesting to start with.  Since 1990, Honda has been a part of my life.  The first car my husband bought after college was a blue Honda Accord.  In college my husband did an internship with a local bank and that turned into his first job out of college for a year.  The first job he did a search for was to work for Honda.  Honda brought us to Ohio.  Then, we bought a new car for me to drive and that was a teal green Honda Civic hatchback.  Then when our family started to grow he drove the hatchback and I got a champagne colored Honda station wagon.  What an improvement from the green wood panel station wagon I learned to drive on!  I think he went back to an Accord and eventually with baby three on the way we bought our first mini van.  Which I did not want and now I love!  We are now fortunate enough to drive company cars and our love with Honda continues and vehicles rotate on a cycle here.  He is currently driving a Civic and I drive a 2011 mini van.  This is the first complaint I've ever had about the design of or how a Honda functions.  It will be something I think about in my next Honda and that is what we do in life, learn from our experiences.


  1. Holy smokes - you really were almost empty. We love Hondas. Haven't had one in years but love them just the same.

  2. Mandy,
    It is probably not good that I now know I might be able to drive when I get to 0. I have let my Nissan get down to 9 miles. My husband is constantly reminding me that this is not a good idea.