Friday, March 15, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 15 of 31 Dottie is her nickname.

No more wallflower, no more love my bed and let me read, no more staying home is my favorite thing to do.  My middle daughter A has her first role in the middle school drama production this spring.  She is also playing seventh grade softball.  Her schedule after school is busy.  Two nights a week she is there for four hours.  After spring break her game schedule is three or two nights a week with drama practices increasing and full force to technical week with the production April 25th.  It's so fun watching her try things and blossom.  Don't worry she walks around with a Kindle Fire or book in her hand because as she proclaimed the other morning, "there are so many books, I'm afraid I might miss some."

Her softball coaches have given her the nickname of Dottie.  It came from the movie, A League of Their Own.  We spent this evening watching the movie and I am honored they picked this nickname for her and for knowing her a short time they really pegged her personality.  A has a kind and gentle soul.  She finds the positive in others and cheers everyone on.  She thinks of others.  She wants the best for others and often puts herself last.  She has some spunk and works hard.  Dottie is the perfect nickname for my girl.

I love sport movies where there are underdogs that come out on top.  I love when girls are given role models for doing things they like, enjoy, and want to; overcoming barriers.  The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was a wonderful website of information.

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  1. It sounds as though your daughter is blossoming in middle school, trying out new things and enjoying the experience. She sounds like a special young lady.