Sunday, March 17, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 17 of 31 Prom dress shopping has begun

I am blessed.  In the midst of being very overwhelmed in life this Sunday night I found a moment today when I was driving home from going prom dress shopping and thinking I am lucky to be here.  I just went prom dress shopping with my sweet 16 year old daughter.  We went to one store.  She tried on several.  We didn't find the perfect one.  We know she likes pinks or corals.  I'm betting more coral or seafoam green or maybe a light powder blue.  We know she likes sparkly beads and not sequins, right now.  For homecoming and winter formals, sequins won big.  We know she didn't like the feel of a halter top.  We know some deep plunging necklines just weren't going to pass the we can purchase stamp of approval and she easily accepted that.  We learned about a few other stores in the area to shop at when we return from spring break thanks to some friends with older girls, thanks ladies I hope you are catching this post.  When I was growing up and had the opportunity to go prom dress shopping I was blessed then too.  My mother's best friend took my shopping, my mother wasn't able to.  We would make a day of it because there was nothing in my small town that offered a prom dress.  We would drive to the a slightly bigger town over.  Our day would include dress shopping, lunch, and maybe a little other shopping on the quaint Main Street.  

When you grow up in a small town sometimes you have the opportunity to go to prom or a senior ball all four years.  This I did and they were all in our high school gymnasium.  The hosting class would decorate it the night before.  We could gather in small groups of friends as couples and go out for dinner before hand.  I never remember anything going on afterwards.  Photos before and flowers always made the night special. 

My first dress was ivory with lace trim and small dainty floral bouquets.  It had a high collar and short sleeves but long in length.  It's more of a cotton fabric and truth be known it's in my basement.  The next year I got a satin deep purple long dress with puffy sleeves and a curved or v-neck neckline. That too is in my basement.  Purple was my date's favorite color and yes it was the same date the first two years.  The next two years I had my dresses made and both were pink in color.  The first pink dress was t length and was suppose to be strapless but my step-mom didn't really like that idea or worried I wouldn't be comfortable so we made the ruffle off the shoulder arm bands.  Being a bit rebellious, I took my arms out of them and under the arm pits they went creating a strapless look.  My last prom dress, back then known as a senior ball was a mauve satin slip with a long sleeve, high collar, drop waist big ruffle, t length lace overlay.  My best friend had worn the same pattern the year before and didn't care that I had one made for me the next year.  These two dresses are also in my basement.  However, I don't think N will want to borrow any of them.  I think N and I will have to make a day of it when we return and I know we will find the perfect one, that is just right for her.  I am blessed and am happy I wrote about this today and not the junk that overwhelms me.  


  1. Well, you made me think of the dresses I wore to dances in high school and also shopping with my daughter. Thanks for the memories and have fun shopping with your daughter. You will know it when you see it!

  2. I'm glad to hear that your shopping experience was positive, even though your daughter didn't find exactly what she was looking for. It was neat to read about your other dresses, too!

  3. Mandy,
    It is fun to spend time with our daughters shopping for dresses. It reminded me of going prom dress shopping with my mom. My senior year she took me to a dress store in Columbus that was probably a little out of our price range. We found a beautiful dress for a decent price and purchased it. I'm laughing because I still have both of my dresses hanging in a hall closet, but I'm not sure why I still have them.

    I hope you and your daughter have some luck when you return.