Monday, March 4, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 4 of 31 PD/CCSS/Feeling Good

Talking and connecting with educators is something I enjoy.  Today was our monthly meeting for The Literacy Connection, a local group of teachers who gather to talk about literacy related ideas.  Tonight we had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Amy McClure from Ohio Wesleyan University.  She was talking about children's literature and the Common Core.  These are some "slices" from her discussion I would like to remember in a time of change, lots of work, and uncertainty.

-Comprehension strategies are embedded in the CCSS.

-Background knowledge is embedded in the CCSS.

-It's exciting to see children's literature across the curriculum.

-Read aloud is a time to have productive struggles with a text.

-Instructional methods are up to the individual teacher, teach in the ways we know that are good for children.

-We can't describe all that can or should be taught in the CCSS, we need to strive for content rich teaching and go beyond.

-Use the CCSS as a means to seize power and control the work we do.

-Be proactive, get together, work with others outside of your own schools.

-The CCSS is a wonderful opportunity to teach with wonderful literature.

I think many of us are trying to figure out and understand the CCSS.  Tonight I was reminded this is an opportunity to integrate our reading and writing instruction across curriculum areas.  If you are looking for more information or resource on true integration of reading and writing through out the curriculum I would like to recommend, An Integrated Language Perspective in the Elementary School - Theory into Action by Christine C. Pappas, Barbara Z. Kiefer, and Linda S. Levstik.  This book provides the theory behind integrated work, a description of teacher and student roles, planning how to, examples at all grade levels, reading and writing activities and experiences, along with evaluation options.  


  1. Times of change and uncertainty characterize our lives. Thanks for sharing these nuggets of light in a topsy-turvy world!

  2. Thanks for this post! There seems to be this "fear" that CCSS leave out all these important components of literacy. I'll definitely be sharing this with others. On another note, I wish I lived close enough to be a part of The Literacy Connection! I can drive from TN for DubLit, but not those!!

    1. Have you come to DubLit yet? We will have to connect if you can make the journey in the future.

  3. Glad to see you found the gems in CCCS! Thank you for sharing your learning and a new book!

  4. Mandy,
    Though this is our second year with the standards, I still enjoy time to look at them more closely. I feel like there is still so much to learn about them. I appreciated tonight's discussion and the chance to think about what this might look like in our classroom.

    Like you, I enjoyed Dr. McClure's final comment, "The CCSS is a wonderful opportunity to teach with wonderful literature."


  5. This WAS a great session, wasn't it?

    And I realized how ridiculous my "I don't have time to read blogs" proclamation was -- it's not about having time (we all have the same 24) -- it's about MAKING time!!

  6. I loved your post, Mandy, but am so jealous that I wasn't there to be a part of what sounds like a fabulous discussion!