Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Cathy, @pb10for10

Dear Cathy,

I wanted to write you a note of apology.  As your partner in gathering 10 great picture books from those we know and those we meet, I'm afraid I let you down a bit.  I agreed to launching our one month reminder last Wednesday on July 10th.  Exactly one month from our event, which takes place on August 10th.  But I didn't launch that reminder because my whole being was swept away while vacationing on Keuka Lake in NY.  

I even had plans of writing and scheduling a post before I left and then I got busy parenting and packing.   You were so kind to text me with a reminder while I was away and I confessed I forgot to schedule it but thought I could post from afar.  Isn't that the beauty of the web?  Everyone can join us from where they are.  I opened my blogger app on my new phone and began a draft but was called away by sunshine and lake water.  To be honest, I just couldn't put the words together in a short post and I didn't have my photo to go with the post.  Sometimes, writers have to wait.  So I did.  I did try to check in on twitter and respond to those who are excited about our reminder.

I look forward to co-hosting this event again with you.  I was honored when you started asking me about my favorite books and am thinking about what I might share this year.  I know it's hard to pick just 10 of my favorite books but I will try.  I always think  Pick 10 books, just 10 picture books you can't live without.  Books I  think each and everyone of us need to be able to get our hands on.  I love how we support each other by sharing our thinking and reasons for selecting these books.  Over time, it has been very interesting to see the spin participants put on their list of 10 picture books.  

I personally keep tweaking my list each year and this is how I do it.  I look over last years list of books and decide which ones I truly still can't live without.  Then I think about books I have used this past year that might make my list.  I like keeping something old and adding something new.  However, I might change things this year a bit.  I am worried my library wishlist and bookstore shopping carts will grow out of control.

I can't wait to see what everyone shares.  I hope you will accept my apology and know we are 7 days closer to our August 10 for 10 picture book event.

Your friend,Mandy

PS Readers - Contact us on our blogs, or Twitter (@mandyrobek or @cathymere)or by e-mail to let us know you are joining this event.  On the day of the event - August 10th - we will be linking all the "must have" posts. Please use the hashtag #pb10for10, it's another way to help us find you.   In the  past, we or I should say Cathy creates a Jog the Web.  I can't wait to have you join us!


  1. Dear Mandy,
    As my friend, you know this apology is completely unnecessary. One of the things I admire about you most is your ability to prioritize and put first things first. I am sure your girls notice and appreciate this. Everyone needs time to get away and you are no exception.

    I smiled when you didn't post knowing you were likely sitting by the lake listening to the peaceful sounds of nature. You were taking a well deserved break. You know we will always be here when you return.

    I loved your line, "sometimes a writer must wait." Yes! Sometimes there is so much life noise that it is hard to find the words. I smile knowing you found the quiet and that the words will soon follow.

    No apology necessary, my friend!

  2. I will be joining you again this year! I am glad I came upon this reminder...time to start making decisions!
    Nicole at