Monday, February 24, 2014

Maybe a Bear Ate It!

Maybe a Bear Ate It! by Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley is a mentor text for how I want my students to feel about reading and books.  A fun looking creature, dressed in pajamas climbs in bed to read.  As a reader, you can tell his bed is a special place, he has a blanket and several stuffed animals to cuddle with. The book begins wordless, which invites the reader to look for details and use their picture clues to generate a storyline.  The first two words are, "It's gone!"  The book is not there and this fun looking creature spends the next few pages becoming quite distraught.  Then his imagination takes over and he brainstorm different large creatures that could of done something with it.  Each large creature uses a fun action word I think my students will enjoy acting out.  I love how this fun loving creature takes action and decides to solve his own problems by going to look for the book on his own.  His book went missing in a natural space and I think this same scenario has happened in my own house over the years.  He begins reading his found book and happily falls asleep.  I just love the solid white background and the very focused illustrations for each page.  The text is just the right amount for a shared reading situation and then many students will want to reread and retell this book on their own.

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