Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Familiar Authors, Different Story - Dance with Rosie

I've been excited to find authors I know from a series and discover they have other titles and stories to share with readers.  Dance with Rosie is one I discovered by Patricia Reilly Giff.  I was drawn to this book because I know many of my students will be or have taken dance lessons.  Rosie has great aspirations to be just like her Grandma Genevieve.  However, life doesn't always go as smooth as one would like.  Rosie's neighbor Amy has been taking dance for quite some time and she practices every day on her porch.  Her best friend Murphy is mad at her.  The ballet class she wants to take fills up very quickly and she doesn't get a spot.  Her solution is to take the class out in the alley by looking through the window with Karen, a different friend.  Things start to turn around for Rosie.  She and Karen get a spot in the ballet class and things start to look up until even that has some glitches.  Rosie is a real kid, with real kid problems and learns to work through them and grow from them.  There are a few other titles with Rosie as the main character.  

Here are two lines I love from this story and hope you find, if you pick this book up.

"I could feel the syrup of happiness in my chest, honey-colored, sweet, and smooth."

"It means it took a long time for Jenny to become a dancer - for her to become Genevieve," he said.  "It means that all we know about people are little bits of things.  And it means we have to use our heads to figure out the rest."

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