Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Slice of Life - It's dead, but wait...!

It's dead.  It sat in the corner for months, dead.  It probably died about the time school started and I just let it sit there.  I love the container it's in so I would celebrate the container and ignore the dead.  Lucky for me, the dead didn't stink.  It just turned brown and brittle.  I did slightly morn the brown and brittle dead only because when I received the beautiful green plant with orange blossoms it was unique and special.  It was an end of the year gift from a student.  However, I know if you neglect a plant and it doesn't get it's basic necessities it will die.  

I've been decorating the house for the holidays and yes both sets of parents are coming so perking things up becomes fun and a priority.  Perking things up really means get rid of the dead plant.  I decided I wanted to save the container I love.  To save the container I began to remove the brown and brittle plant.  I couldn't believe what I saw, there was green shoots just peeping through the soil?  They looked like daffodils or tulips in the spring.  

I reread the information tag and the plant is a perennial which means it will return year after year but it's a house plant so I didn't expect it to completely die.  I really think the plant has a bulb structure which means it would die off completely and return.  I like having plants and truth be told my classroom plants seem to do better than my home plants.  My students help water them and having plant support might be what keeps things alive or bring them back from a wilt-y state.

As I uncovered my fresh new green sprouts, I reflected on a few things.  If you look below the surface, you can find and/or see growth.  Plants are forgiving and students are too.   Green sprouts bring hope and looking for the small signs in my classroom can and will bring hope for each student and what they need.  I just need to look below the surface and notice closely to discover green sprouts to nurture.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for fostering and encouraging this writing community.


  1. Love how your metaphor describes the work we do with students and I especially love that line about how students are forgiving.

  2. Mandy - such a beautiful image and post. I love the line: If you look below the surface, you can find and/or see growth. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. I love the comparison of the plant to students. So true! Here's to green sprouts of both sorts!

  4. Perfect metaphor! I love thinking about what we might find below the surface of some kids, if I just dig enough and wait long enough! Thanks for the important reminder!

  5. Love this metaphor - and the photograph just drives home the point beautifully!

  6. Beautiful. What we see right now is not what always what's really there. We need to be patient. Important reminder.