Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Slice of Life - Figuring Out the New

I wasn't sure what I would do.  There was a new experience ahead of me.  I didn't want it all planned out.  I wanted to explore and have some flexibility.  I was a bit uncertain but told myself I could be confident and figure this out.  I dropped the girls off to their classes at the local art college downtown and thought, I can do this.  I can be alone and try new things in a new part of town.

I walked through the campus to a local coffee shop a friend shared on Instagram with a bag of things I could do.  I walked in confidently.  I asked the server for drink recommendations and ordered something new.  I then saw a delicious snack and added that to my order.  I found a spot to sit by the window to enjoy the sunshine and watch the sidewalk.  I did some planning for next year and wrote a blogpost.  I enjoyed my treats.  I watched what appeared to be frequent customers order and linger, enjoying this coffee house.  They weren't new to this kind of free time.  Many of them entered or met a friend, greeting them with hugs and hellos.  I've admired friends who can share such leisure moments out and about and I can now say these moments are as enjoyable as they look.  

Today I thought a little bit about that first day of school.  My students will come in probably a little uncertain.  They will be without their family.  I'm sure they will know someone in the class.  Maybe we need time to linger that first day.  Maybe we need to create moments to observe and figure out our new space.  Maybe our schedule doesn't need to be mapped out minute by minute.  We'll need time to talk and time to be quiet.  With time, I want my new students to walk in and greet each other with hellos and smiles.  I think I'll start with hugs and hello on day one.  


Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting this writing community and for encouraging us to live a writerly life.


  1. I like your idea about making the first day more about connection as a classroom community—as people. It can be so intimidating to come into a new space sometimes.

  2. Oh how I wish I could have been at that coffee shop too! That beverage looks like something I'd like and that treat, yum! But it's not just the food that I would enjoy, I'd love the conversation of starting the year. Your Phonics Poetry would also spark some interesting talk. Love following your explorations via Instagram. 😃

  3. I am so far away from thinking about day one, since we have yet to arrive at the last day of this school year! But, I love the relaxed pace you envision.