Friday, February 24, 2017

To My Sewing Machine {Poetry Friday}

To My Sewing Machine

You may not look like much,
But the unseen potential is
Forever unmatched.

There are no limitations or rules.
No promises of success but the promise to learn
is always guaranteed.

Endless creative dreams and wonders
And you are able to make them come true.

Sliding the thread on a spool pin,
Weaving it in and out of the gears of creativity.
Finally fishing the bobbin thread from the unknown,
We are unstoppable.

I gently press on the foot pedal
And like a car you are excited to go
always getting me to where I need to go.
Manipulating fabric
Sewing seams
Getting lost for hours

Nothing can amount to you
For you are one in a million
And I thank you.

@A. Robek

We sat waiting for the ortho and she said, "Mom what do you know about odes?"  I had to think for a bit and realized I really only knew it was form of poetry.  She shared she could write an ode for extra credit for AP Literature.  I decided to pass the time we should do some research but really that we meant was I.  I got out my notebook and started writing a list; lyric poem, moderate length, serious subject, and elevated style with word choice.  I also found out odes explore aspects of the thing being praised, making keen observations, and personification.  An ode essentially celebrates a person, place, thing or idea.  I suggested she write an ode to her missing adult tooth, her implant that's in process, or the quarter braces we were putting back on her teeth to fix a problem she has.  She chose her true passion, celebrating what brings her joy.  I'm happy to have been part of the writing research.

Thank you Karen at Karen Edmisten (The Blog with the Shockingly Clever Title) is hosting Poetry Friday this week.  Enjoy!


  1. "The promise to learn is always guaranteed" -- great perspective! Unstoppable! :-)

  2. This is your daughter's poem? It's awesome. Pablo Neruda wrote many odes to ordinary things, and they are lovely.

  3. Oh, this is beautiful! Sewing machines everywhere are standing up straighter! I love people who sew. And she is so right - the potential is limitless. Just like with writing. What a lovely, lovely ode. Thank you for sharing it with us. xx

  4. I love odes celebrating the unsung everyday items that bring us so much joy. Though I must admit, the last time I touched a sewing machine was in home economics class, and suffice it to say we didn't get along all that well! ;-)

  5. Kudos to your daughter for writing this ode! I like in ode to an ordinary object!

  6. You may not look like much,
    But the unseen potential is
    Forever unmatched.

    You've made me look at my dusty old sewing machine in a whole new light!

  7. Wow. Your daughter's poem. How fabulous. I share this love. Though my sewing machine may be feeling a tad neglected, since I also fell in love with laptop... :\

  8. I agree that we might all give praise to the sewing machine, Mandy. And love that backstory too. I just used my machine with my older granddaughter and she was amazed. It was fun to do a project with her.

  9. I love your daughter's ode. My daughter feels similarly about her sewing machine, but I have never been on friendly terms with one. Maybe I should give it another chance.

  10. Mandy, you post is complimented by Graves' quote. You led your daughter down the writing path to create an ode. It must have been a wonderful experience to be the mother/teacher guide.

    1. Thanks for making that connection for me, I didn't see that.

    2. Happy to do so. It is a good connection, Mandy.

  11. I love everything about this post -- the story, the mother/daughter love, the poem, and knowing it's been submitted to Thurber!