Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tonight's Weather Adventure {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

The sky is dark.  There's a looming stillness in the air.  There's an eery calm above us as if time is standing still.  The luminous clouds appear to be standing still.  The sky feels lower than usual.  The siren is deafening.  It's loud and sending a warning for conditions to stir the sky into a tornado.  As the siren stops, the surroundings are quiet.  Weird for a busy city street and there are people moving about all looking up and possibly noticing the same things I am.  

PS - A tornado didn't touch down or begin to stir near where we are, thank goodness.  Just a lot of rain and some thunder.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for organizing the Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. Are you in Ohio? I spent a while sitting in my basement this evening due to the tornado warnings in our area (central Ohio). Luckily no touchdowns here. Your descriptions are wonderful. ~JudyK

    1. I am in Ohio, Central Ohio and we were on OSU campus visiting our daughter. I'm glad you were safe and a bit smarter in your basement.

  2. I hate nights like this! There have been too many in my lifetime. It's the eerie silence that gets me.