Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Get It {Slice of Life}

"I have a purpose.  
I have a reason.  
I kind of understand why people use Youtube!"

Self talk - a couple of nights ago.

Back story leading to the small moment -

I need to finish my sleeves and hem the bottom of my dress.  I've been using my serger sewing machine because I need to learn how to use it more and it's best for knit fabrics which this is.  For hems and finishing the pattern suggest converting the machine to do a cover stitch.  If you have a t-shirt on flip up the hem and that's a cover stitch.  Straight lines on the outside and a herringbone-ish stitch on the back covering the fabric edge that was folded up.  I have no clue how to convert my machine.  I look in the manual and I don't quite understand all the steps.  

I wonder if Youtube has a video.  When I was stuck changing the thread on this machine I found a video and it was a life saver!  I'm not a Youtube user.  I sometimes get frustrated when my daughters are watching it, one can get lost there but she often is watching how to videos.  My search is successful.  I started saving videos in a Serger How To folder and as I began working I found my self capturing the thoughts above.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for gathering this writing community.


  1. When I ask my sons how they learned something, whether it be cooking or technology, 90% of the time, they tell me they learned it on You Tube. I rarely do that- I'd much rather read directions or have someone show me- but I have gotten a little bit better recently. Glad you experienced some success! And I'm really impressed that you are sewing! Not that many people do that anymore!

  2. Mandy, sometimes self-talk is a great way to release energy or anxiety. I find You-Tube how-to videos really life savers. Have fun sewing.

  3. My husband often turns to You-Tube when faced with an unfamiliar task. Just think, in a couple of years we will be a population who only knows to go to Google or You-Tube for an answer. Kind of scary to me.