Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dear Cathy, it's #nf10for10 in 1 Month!

Dear Cathy,

I couldn't believe it when you sent me a message the other day asking me about sharing Nonfiction Picture Book 10 for 10 today.  I felt like it was still August and we were basking in all the glory of Picture Book 10 for 10.  But when I woke up from that memory, I realized the temperatures have dipped.  The snow has been flying and the weather forecast on my favorite weather app is getting my hopes up this weekend could look like Buffalo here in Ohio.  You know that just makes me excited and if I get snowed in for days I might just start gathering ideas for my Nonfiction Picture Book 10 for 10 list.

Can you believe it's our 6th anniversary for this event?  If we still had babies at home we'd be sending them to kindergarten or first grade.  That's a lot of growing and each year I think we are so fortunate to have others help us grow this event by talking about nonfiction picture books.  

I have to be honest, I no clue what I might want to share this year.  I took a trip down blogging memory lane to discover the first year was a collection of all time favorites.  I've shared books to promote history, favorite biographies, books in my house with three daughters, and last year I wrote a post to help a friend with a second grade reader that focused on books for independent reading.  I think nonfiction books can be tricky because you don't always have to read the whole book so sometimes you can read snippets and not have to have the book be at an independent level.  I bet that thought will get you thinking and send me a message.

Thank you for the reminder, Cathy.  This is going to be a wonderful event and I hope our readers will think about joining themselves, invite teammates, friends, and new acquaintances because the more the merrier!

In 2010 Cathy and I hosted our first picture book event.  In 2013, Julie Balen suggested we add a nonfiction picture book event that worked the same.  Participants choose 10 - well, usually 10 (they're a crafty bunch) - nonfiction picture books to share.  On the day of the event, we'll ask that you visit the Google Community site to add your nonfiction link to the 2018 #nf10for10 tab

  • What:  10 nonfiction picture books you can't live without.
  • Hashtag:  #nf10for10
  • Who:  Anyone interested --- educators, media specialists, librarians, parents, and book lovers.  
  • When:  Saturday, February 10th
  • Where:  All posts will be linked on the 2018 #nf10for10 page of our Picture Book 10 for 10 Google Community Site.  
  • How:  Stop by our community site, join the community, and share your favorites on February 10th. 

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