Sunday, January 7, 2018

One Little Word 2018 {Celebrate this Week}

My One Little Word for 2018 is Hope.  I shared this on Instagram a week ago and didn't know if I was going to write about it publicly even though I love reading everyone's thoughts and reasons.  I always write publicly about my One Little Word and think it helps bring clarity but this year is different.  Then my friend Deb left this comment, "Are you hoping for specific things, Mandy?"  I thought this was a great question from someone who cares and I still wasn't sure how to answer this so it has sat unanswered.

I discovered hope while talking with Ruth at NCTE about The Giving Keys.  She shared her experiences with these necklaces and I confirmed this is something my daughter mentioned she wanted.  One of Ruth's stories was about the word hope.  I had to look up the definition because something about it just felt right.  Hope according to - the feeling that what is wanted can be had or the events will turn out for the best.  That right there filled my heart.

This word reminds me of the year when I chose embrace.  My girls all had some major shifts coming up; college, high school, and middle school.  I knew our family dynamics were going to change and I could saddle up and embrace it or crawl up and worry.  2018 will bring more major shifts to our family and while I will choose to embrace, I will have hope.

Our oldest is in the middle of graduate school interviews and waiting for notification letters about the outcome from her applications.  She could stay close to home at our favorite undergraduate school or she could be out of state.  I have hopes for either outcome.  My middle daughter got accepted to start her freshman year at her number one choice here in state but two hours away.  Different than our first twenty minute experience.  She is eager and ready to follow her dreams so I have some hopes for the next eight months while she is here with us daily when life beyond is exciting.  While I'm excited to have some one on one time my youngest; she's quite worried about not having her sisters close.  I understand; from the minute she was born she's always had them coming and going.

Deb, I do have hopes for specific things.  I love to gather projects and I hope to get things accomplished without buying more.  I hope to sew, to read, to exercise, and work on my health.  When I decided to write today and rekindle this blog I realized it's okay to not take all writing public. I have some very personal reasons for the word hope and I believe readers and writers have moments where personal can be respected and support given without details.  Some stories aren't mine to share.  Social media makes things so easy to share but not all things do need to be shared.  We are safe.  We are healthy and sometimes everyone takes one day at a time and that's where hope comes in - events will turn out for the best.

Thank you Ruth at Ruth Ayers Writes for encouraging us to find daily celebrations in our lives.


  1. Hi Mandy, it's good to hear from you, again, and I wish you my best wishes for your OLW, hope. It feels from your words that you are satisfied with what you're looking for, and that counts more than anything, that 'you' feel good about it. Best wishes also for your girls' choices. When my oldest left and only his younger sister was at home, it was a change, but we made connections happen in different ways, so it worked out okay, just different. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for your kind words and welcome back - yes connections in different ways will be really important.

  2. Hope is a word with a lot of promise and challenge. It sounds like you have many hopes for this year, I hope they all lead to good things.

  3. Thanks Elsie, I love you shared the word promise. I do think this is a big part of some of my hopes.