Friday, March 9, 2018

Rise and Shine...{9 of 31 SOLSC}

The door is shut.  The light is sweeping through the crack at the bottom.  The sky is trying to approach to dawn.  The signs are all there she should be up and vertical.  If I let love and logic lead the way I'd walk past that door and hop in the shower.  Maybe she needs a little love and attention.  Maybe she needs something a little different.  Maybe I need to make sure she is up and moving, seizing the day.  I think about entering and if I do, I need to change it up.  I start thinking about a good wake up call.  I decide a rooster might work and I don't have a rooster; I have a golden retriever.  She loves youtube and I bet there must be one there and I enter the room.  

I confirm she is horizontal and think internally why does she physically get up and turn on the ceiling light and return to her bed.  I find a rooster wake up call on youtube and I start the video only to discover there's an ad.  I cringe there is an ad because what I think might be funny is delayed.  The ad worked to my advantage; it was bird noises - soft and soothing.  I stop the ad.  I start the video and her expression is one of what is this?  We have a little side chat which turns to giggles while our pseudo rooster is outside waking up my imaginary mini farm.  Yes, she did get vertical and seize another day of her senior year.  Go get them baby girl, you'll do great things!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for not only bringing together a community of writers but inviting us to push the pencil daily and nudge our writerly life.


  1. Aww,that is such a cute post! Waking up to a rooster is not my ideal wake up call, but I love that it is hers!

  2. Thanks for sharing this peek into your day! You certainly found a creative way to wake your daughter! Having been through the teenage years with two kids, I know that is not an easy task!

  3. Wonderful moment to capture... especially while she is a senior!

  4. You mean screaming -- GET UP - why are you back in bed?? doesn't cut it? You are so much nicer than me!!! Senior year is tough - but it is fun to see them playful and a bit carefree again - isn't it? Thanks for the laugh! You were early, but I still missed you - I was even earlier. Glad I found you. If I try the rooster next week I will tell my boys to blame you.

  5. A post with sweetness and humor. Loved it. I bet she will remember the rooster call for a long time!