Monday, July 30, 2018

No More Independent Reading without Support {Professional Read}

I picked up No More Independent Reading without Support by Debbie Miller and Barbara Moss because I wanted support.  I was hoping to find validation for my independent reading block.  I was hoping to find suggestions for conferring individually with readers.  I was hoping to find new ideas or nudges to improve one of my favorite times of the school day; independent reading.  Chapter two is packed with easy to read review of research to support independent reading along with stating guided reading as it's place and time too.  It was fascinating to read study after study supporting students reading on their own.  If you struggle finding time for independent reading there's a few pages to help you look at some scheduling changes that could be made and of course tips for navigating independent reading with a classroom of readers.

Nudges I found to try within my own work

- create genre studies, there's not just fiction and nonfiction
- comprehension strategies need to be taught and can differ from genre to genre
- complex text isn't harder text
- read nonfiction daily as a read aloud 
- involve students with goal setting more
- strive for reflection and sharing each day to end the workshop

Quotes that are sticking with me

"To grow, our students must read lots, and more specifically they must read lots of 'complex' texts - texts that offer them new language, new knowledge, and new modes of thought."

"Successful teacher intervention behaviors included 1. teaching responding to student questions, 2. teacher led discussions and 3. teacher monitoring and modeling of comprehension strategies."  

"Conferring is differentiating at its finest."

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