Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gecko Friends or Enemies? {26 of 31 Slice of Life}

Squeals and a little toe tapping came my way from A and she's pointing to two darker gray/black geckos.  The conversation goes like this - "Mom, they are fighting."  "They can't be fighting - they are probably playing."  "Um, that one has the head of the other one in it's mouth!  I think that's fighting!" I finally look the direction she is referring to and not only does one gecko have the other gecko's head in it's mouth; it's dangling the whole gecko off the pelican statue they are playing on.  They appear frozen in time.  I step a little bit closer and they are still frozen in time.  I wait and together they fall to the ground only to get back up on the pelican statue together and possibly start over their playful moment.  I think if they were fighting they would have gone their separate ways.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. Kind of makes me want to research geckos. That's some strange playing. I like the way you finally look--such a mom thing.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. What fun to watch nature in a playful (?) act.