Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jackson Pollack Art? {23 of 31 Slice of Life}

A burst of cold hair hits me as the garage door opens.  My two sidekicks are right behind me surveying the morning sky.  I wonder if they notice the stars and moon still out ready to guide our walk.  They pause to take a bathroom break near the bottom of the drive way and out of the corner of my eye I see blotches of white on the driveway.  At first, I think it might be snow and then realize while it's twenty-six degrees it's completely flat and looks like a Jackson Pollock's painting.  As I ponder a bit more, I draw a hypothesis.  I have a bird during the summer that sits in my tree by the driveway all night long leaving white droplets for the next day.  This bird must of left for the winter and just returned - a welcome sign of spring and warmth to come AND how do I get this bird to find another home where white droplets are more welcomed!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. Ha! Loved the last line -- so true!!! Here's to spring ...

  2. Yes, we have begun too see white droplets on our porch from birds sitting on our log rails! A sure sign of spring...but also a mess!

  3. Those white drops are a pain! We have a robin who has decided our patio furniture is its porta-potty. So my husband looks up how to thwart pooping birds. We now have streamers of tin foil taped to the furniture and window above it. The fluttering foil is supposed to frighten them. You might try a few in the tree limb.