Monday, July 15, 2019

I Will Be Fierce! by Bea Birdsong {Mental Wellness}

I Will Be Fierce! by Bea Birdsong is an empowering new picture book with our main character ready to tackle her day.  I love the very first page.  Our main character sits up in bed, raises her arm up high with a fist and declares, "Today, I will be fierce!"  The following pages and illustrations show the reader examples of what being fierce can look like.  Together the words and the text show us she can drive back dragons which are really puppies, walk among the giants which are really grownups, and she will break away from the ordinary.  She paints herself riding the shell of a turtle while her classmates paint just an animal.  Another favorite part in this book is when she's checking out a huge stack of library books and refers to them as a mountain of knowledge and the librarian as the guardian of wisdom.  This story is about overcoming your fears, seeing things differently, and ends with needing some rest while being your own hero.

This book could be used to to help students "Turn the Mind" and think about the opposite action of their current feelings.  "I also think "I will be fierce!" is an affirmation that could be used to help our mindset when we get stuck.

"Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act." (mental I hope you find this post helpful in supporting mental wellness. "Wellness is an approach to preventing illness and prolonging life as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases." (  

Let's be proactive in and out of our classrooms.  If you are looking for more resources Nationwide Children's Hospital here in Columbus, Ohio has valuable resources and movement to transform children's mental heath.  #OnOurSleeves

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