Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Thinking as a Parent and Teacher Intertwine {Slice of Life}

The parking lot is full and I find a spot in the grass to park.  My schedule for the night is on my phone and I'm ready to walk the high school hallways as my junior does.  As I walk through the parking lot, I remind myself I'm here as a parent.  I make a plan to listen as a parent; resting my teaching brain. Not too long into the first session I start taking notes.  Notes as a parent, notes as a teacher - the lines are intertwined.  Each role influences the other.  I hope these lines tug at your heart as they did mine as a teacher and educator.  I'm excited for a more relaxed high school year this year.

"I"ll love your kid and get maximum effort."

"I've never had a boring day, if I do it's my fault."

"Keep school at school."

"One goal is to increase tolerance  - wisdom about people."

"Your child will read 10 minutes every day without fail in class."

"Reading for joy helps heart health and personal health."

"Grading system is flawed."

"I have a lot of room to grow."

"Not much outside work."

"Every kid needs somebody - I'm willing to help."

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. The lines are certainly blurred - those sound like some great goals for the year. Enjoy!

  2. I so often go to my son's school with the intention to rest my teaching brain, but it's almost impossible! I'm so glad you hear so many lines that resonated with your teaching brain in a good way!

  3. I have Open School night tomorrow. I'm going to work on separating my teaching brain and my parenting brain. It's never easy!