Monday, October 14, 2019

Being Edie Is Hard Today by Ben Brashares {Mental Wellness}

Being Edie Is Hard Today by Ben Brashares and illustrated by Elizabeth Bergeland is a story about emotions.  Edie doesn't want to go to school and her mother gently urges her to get on the bus.  It's sad to see her pigtails being pulled on the bus ride to school by other students.  The first time I read the story I didn't notice the smiley face emotions, almost like emojis above the various characters.  These really add to the comprehension for the reader.  Edie uses her imagination to thinks to herself about an animal and others being animals in various scenarios.  Sometimes we have to find an escape for our emotions and it's helpful.  After a really hard day at school, interacting with others Edie talks to her mom and cries.  There's a great comparison for tears here to the sky.  After the clouds let go of the rain, the clouds feel fluffier and perhaps after we cry we feel a little lighter.  Tears are often assumed to be a sign of weakness.  Someone once said to our family, tears are a sign of strength.  The next morning Edie's day starts off easier and she goes to school with more confidence.  The illustrations are drawing in pen, black ink outlines with soft watercolor backdrops for a warm soft feeling throughout the book.

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