Friday, December 6, 2019

AnimalArk - Celebrating our Wild World in poetry and pictures {Poetry Friday}

Hello Friends - I'm excited to dust off this writing space with my most recent book purchase and join the Poetry Friday community.  I started volunteering at our local zoo this summer and never visited the gift shop until tonight.  I'm going to need to add this to my list of places to discover great books.

AnimalArk - Celebrating our WILD WORLD in poetry and pictures is going to be read this morning as we start our day with Poetry Friday.  The photographer Joel Sartore and poet Kwame Alexander have created a stunning collaborative text highlighting 32 species that are endangered.  Together this author and photographer duo are bringing awareness and fostering readers to care about creatures.  In the author hope from Joel Sartore he says, "And once we love something, won't we do anything to save it?"  I love this found in the author note from Kwame Alexander; "Joel Sartore's photographs are exquisite visual haiku that capture something even words cannot, and yet the combination of the two creates a landscape, a third language only the heart knows."  Kwame uses haiku for its focus in less is more.  This book was created to help us pay closer attention to species we share our world with.

Here's a video with Kwame Alexander that will help you get a better feel for the book.

Thank you Tanita Davis  for hosting Poetry Friday this week at {fiction, instead of lies}

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