Thursday, April 16, 2020

Listening In {SOS: Magic in a Blog}

Sisters. High school age. College age. Stay at Home. Pandemic. 

All possible addends for a firework equation.  It's a Tuesday morning.  I find them on the floor of one bedroom facing each other eye to eye knee to knee with make up palettes in-between.  They are smiling, chatting, and content.  As I walk in it's shared they are doing each other's make up.  I wonder how this is going to go.  They migrate to the bathroom.  Make up is done and they are still smiling.  The youngest said, I look like her - she did her make up like she does hers.  I look.  I ponder.  I agree.  So funny - it makes sense they would do their style of make up.  That's what they know.

They migrate to the bathroom.  The youngest has talked the older one into letting her pluck her eyebrows.  She is willing and a little worried about it hurting.  I just walk away and listen in from afar.  

"It doesn't hurt what are you talking about."

"I might pluck my legs and shave less."

"That would take a long time."

"I have lots of time in quarantine."

"Do we have to do the other eyebrow?"

"You can't leave them uneven."

While listening in, I'm grateful they had this time.  These uncharted territories have brought ups and downs.  They seem to take turns.  There's been friction adjusting to being together earlier than either had planned.  The daily groove has been disrupted by each other.  It's hard to accept what you can't control.  I hope they remember this day during COVID19 where they could just hang out.  Where they could smile, chat, and be content together.

PS - I wanted to burst right out, REALLY pluck your legs?

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  1. You wrote today! I'm so happy you decided to join.

    You're story had me chuckling, but when I read your PS, I snort-laughed out loud! I'm always looking to find ways to add humor to my writing. I'm going to try a PS, just like you.

    Yes, the pandemic is bringing together siblings. It's so fascinating to watch them adjust.
    Shine on,

  2. Beauty procedures can be great connectors. The daily actions and interactions are so worth recording.

  3. I hope we hear so many stories of families and siblings coming together and noticing that bond that brings them together in the first place. My advice would be to forget plucking AND shaving! Who's going to notice anyway!?!

  4. What a treat to be able to listen in on this conversation between your daughters. Especially when "Sisters. High school age. College age. Stay at Home. Pandemic. All possible addends for a firework equation." I am glad I got to listen in, too. It was charming and funny the back and forth between the sisters.

  5. What a picture you paint today! I loved listening in on their musings. Although many do not see this time as a gift, it truly is (some days). Glad you are here too!

  6. I think this time of isolation, of just being with family, is good for most of us. Kids learn that siblings are not so bad! I'll bet when they are older, they'll talk about this time a lot!

  7. Love this small glimpse of your girls together and this sentence, "All possible addends for a firework equation.". Since my quarantine equation is just hubby and me, I find myself envying friends and family with more in the household. You've reminded me that more can also mean more opportunity for friction and disruption. Glad you captured this moment at your house. "I find them on the floor of one bedroom facing each other eye to eye knee to knee with make up palettes in-between."

  8. Somehow you managed to capture the potential tension of this sisterly moment so that we savored the absence of tension between them. Wow. I, too, enjoyed that "ps" at the end!

  9. Hello! So nice to meet you through #sosmagic! What I loved best is your outburst at the end! I laughed! Thank you for sharing a mother's joy!