Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What Do You Do If You Work At The Zoo? by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Zookeepers take care of animals.  I'm confident my students know this and What Do You Do If You Work at The Zoo? by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page is perfect for opening their minds to surprising things zookeepers may do.  The top of each page names the job and then the reason for this job is described in detailed with information on the how the job is done.  Do you know zookeepers may impersonate a vulture with a puppet to prevent a baby chick from becoming attached to a human as they prepare it for being released in the wild?  Do you know komondo dragon's can be trained to follow a red ball on a stick so the vet can give it a check up?  There's also different ways zookeepers do enrichment and provide daily health care to large animals.

The end of the book has a few pages with additional nonfiction features.  I enjoyed the list which felt like definition for zookeepers.  There's some information about zoo pros and cons.  A zoo timeline and a list of some top zoos in our world.  Each animal highlighted in the book has a nonfiction paragraph to help readers learn more facts. 

The illustrations in this book are meant to spend time with.  The cut and torn paper collage bring depth and detail.  I love how papers were chosen to show texture.  I'm always intrigued with paper collage and how realistic the animals look.

I'm joining Alyson at Kid Lit Frenzy for Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge.  

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