Friday, July 24, 2020

Writing Communities Reflection {SOS: Magic in a Blog}

Retreat. Uncertainty. Slip by. Matters. Pretend.

Clack a few words.

It matters.

Nobody can make it out there alone.

These words jumped off the page in our Open Invitation today.  I think it was written for me.   This space has thrived and this space has sat alone.   I've retreated in some dark times and I've retreated when I've wondered about my teaching practice.  This blog is about writing, sharing, and connecting. I know when this space has been loved; writing communities have helped foster the love.  I've participated in writing communities that post daily and post weekly.  I've formed friendships and gotten to meet writing friends in person.  I've looked forward to reading post and following other's journeys and wonder how things have turned out as they share stories from their lives.  I also continuously learn from the writing others share.  I find comfort in their thoughts and nudges to guide my thinking.

I've participated in writing retreats where I came ready with plans and ideas and wrote several articles.  I love walking away from daily life and have some space to really focus on writing.   Writing communities have stretched me and encouraged me to be brave.  I was so nervous and felt uncertain about my first in person writing retreat.  I was sitting on a cabin porch surrounded by trees and sketchy wifi; embracing the birds chirping and the clacks on my keyboard were dancing with those birds when quietly Ruth Ayers came to my space and asked if we could share it.  I graciously said yes and in reality all I wanted to do was pinch myself and stay really calm because I was totally fan girl crushing it on the inside.  

I've learned over time writing communities and working along the side of others lifts me up and gives me that motivation, desire to be a writer.  Just clacking these random words makes me excited to love this space again; to write, share, and connect.

Thank you for joining me today and each time I write.

Join me as I share my story with


  1. What a lovely description of the effect a writing community has and its importance. Nobody can make it alone. I'm happy to get to read your words through this community!

  2. I never thought I was really, REALLY a writer until I started blogging and became part of a writing community. I didn't really know what to expect when I tossed some words out into parts unknown. Those words landed in just the right places. I was surprised by how many things I continue to learn by reading each others stories. Plus as a lovely life bonus some of the people I met this way have become my dearest friends! So as Ruth would say, "Write on!"

  3. I understand the impact you describe of having a community like this one. I have not participated in a writing retreat, but I hope I have that opportunity - even if it scares me to death. Writing is so personal!!!! I finally shared my own blog publicly with my friends on Facebook. Community, though, allows us to be vulnerable.

  4. I loved your celebration post about writing communities. Your fan girl moment made me chuckle. Happy Writing!

  5. I am always happy when I get to read your words. Of course I love the visuals I get through Instagram too.